What Is Plurk ? The Incredible Story Of Plurk Social network


What Is Plurk Social Network

Plurk is a new social networking site that is very similar to Twitter. Basically you build a friends list and then enter a “Plurk” which can be read by your friends and the world. The easiest way to describe tools like Plurk and Twitter is micro-blogging. Each Plurk is a little blog post.

=> History

Launched in 2008, Plurk was designed as a communication medium that balances between social networking and blogging, instant messaging and e-mailing.

According to its developers, Plurk is an abbreviation for ‘people’ and ‘lurk’, a blend word of ‘play’ and ‘work’, an acronym for peace, love, unity, respect, karma, and a verb neologism, much like however Google is currently being wide used as a verb.

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  • What’s Special

Plurkers are governed by a karma score keeping system to promote sharing and discussions. Higher Karma reflects you as a better plurker and also entitles you to more emoticons, which are widely used in the Plurk community.

  • Layout & Features

Unlike Twitter, which has a list layout, It places your updates on a time line illustrated in the screenshot below.
Plurk gels all replies to various updates along for simple reference and an improved chat experience. This is one thing that Twitter may need to figure on as we are typically confused that tweets are @replies relating. Plurk also has a motivating feature that handily connects your Plurk updates to your Facebook, Multiply and Twitter accounts; saving tons of effort to update each social media site manually.

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Main Features Of Plurk

  • Public Updates

Share what you have got recently been up to, your thoughts on current events, or post a shoutout to your friends and followers! At Plurk, the sole factor that may limit you is that the 210 text character most restriction.

  • Photo and Video Uploading

At Plurk, you’ll be able to share your most lovely still and motion shots with the those that follow or are friends with you. Media files is also uploaded through YouTube, webcam, and links directly from your computer.

  • Real-Time Updates From Other Users

Other than sharing to individuals your thoughts and experiences, you can also get updates about other people at Plurk.

  • Qualifiers

It also features qualifiers. These are one-word verbs that represent thoughts. Examples are ‘feels’, ‘loves’ and ‘thinks’. At Plurk, you’ll be able to post short messages using these qualifiers.

  • Private Messaging

You don’t have to share everything publicly. Plurk additionally has the personal messaging feature which can permit you to directly converse with individuals while not the world reading.

  • Group Conversations and Emoticons

Plurk supports closed group conversations and permits users to include emoticons in their posts or messages. Users may even upload their own photos and use these as emoticons.

  • Fully Customization Appearance

Plurk supports total customization of the looks of your profile and wall. This is accomplished by permitting full access to change the CSS file that controls however everything looks. This allows for endless personalization and lots of member take full advantage of this unique feature.

  • Karma and Badges

It has some very artistic ways in which of encouraging users to be additional active. One such ploy is the users Karma rating. Based on your plurk activities your Karma rating will go up or down and of course a higher Karma level is better. Another feature is the Plurk badges.

By achieving higher levels of success in numerous classes, Plurk awards completely different badges which will then be displayed on your profile. Also, new and completely different emoticons also become available for inclusion in posts as higher achievements are realised.

Plurk Social Network Pros & Cons

=> Pros

  1. => Quite unlike Twitter, user names don’t take up the text allowance in messages.
  2. => Messages (or Plurks) provide a spread of various message types, not being restricted to what you’re actually doing.
  3. => Threaded conversations, similar to Pownce.
  4. => Use of a time line, that runs horizontally across the screen, with the past to the right.
  5. => Support for YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket et cetera, all inside the timeline frame.
  6. => A quirky, but intuitive interface.
  7. => Being able to make Cliques, that are little teams of friends, where they can chat privately.
  8. => All new Plurks and responses are compiled for you.
  9. => A really slick personal messaging system a la Facebook style; conjointly once you hover over a Plurk, you’ll see a downward triangle beside the persons image / name, which gives you a Private Messaging option.
  10. => It uses destiny as a metric for people’s activity. => As your destiny will increase, more options / features are made available.
  11. => It’s possible to use Private Messages in a Plurk page as a separate conversation window, without the time line.
  12. => Scrolling through the time line supports the scroll wheel on a mouse, as well as the arrow keys.
  13. => It’s possible to edit Plurk messages, but not replies.
  14. => There’s a mobile choice, which will be interesting for some.

=> Cons

  1. => There’s a bug with the Alert count, where it shows something’s there, but when you click there isn’t.
  2. => As more people come on-line, the whole thing begins to creak quite badly, taking ages to load. Plurk is new, so we’ll allow for these things for now.
  3. => It’s not possible to own multiple conversations open quickly.
  4. => Despite support for mobile Plurking, there appears to be no support for Geo-location / Geo-tagging.
  5. => Could do with a “ignore future responses on this post” choice (by user, by time frame, or by manual select)
  6. => Could perhaps benefit from a Firefox Add-on, or a desktop client application.

=> More Watch This Video……

Final Words

What is Plurk => Plurk is another social networking website, but it is more focused on micro blogging. It provides its users the liberty to precise themselves using qualifiers, photos, videos and emoticons. Apart from this freedom to precise, it also provides folks the chance to remain updated about the lifestyles of people, be it friends, family or relatives.

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