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What Is Qzone

Qzone is that the biggest open platform from Tencent, either judging from its revenue or shared revenue from the third party. Tencent opened Qzone platform 2 years ago, it surpassed competitors like fifty one.com, renren and kaixin001.com and made lots of cash.

Qzone was created in 2005. It permits users to customise their blogs, keep diaries, send photos and listen to music. Gradually, Qzone has transformed from a private area to the largest social network open platform, and its monthly active users grew to quite 600 million.

By the tip of 2012, quite 540,000 websites used QQ connection, resembles Facebook connection, to log in Qzone and gain basic QQ user information and add QQ share buttons on their websites.

It has brought in two billion yuan (USD 324 million) accumulated financial gain to Qzone third party developers. Apps registered on Qzone surpassed 350 thousand. It has quite 80 thousand registered developers, 90th of that have made cash.

Registration for Qzone is free. Registered users will maintain personal blogs, customise the background of their web log, update diaries, send photos to other users and listen to music.

However, not all services on Qzone are free. Purchase of the “Canary Yellow Diamond” membership release access to background music and theme customization. The longer that paid registrants stay as members on Qzone, the a lot of options they’re able to access. If paid membership expires, all the acquired options expire, too.

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China Has many 100 million+ User Social Networks for several functions

Unlike Western-based social media, for the most part dominated by Facebook and Twitter, China has many networks that exceed a hundred million active users. They can for the most part be classified by their main usage modes; once more, note that almost all are mobile-driven and becoming a lot of therefore every day:

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==> The aforementioned QQ/QZone (owned by Tencent), with 700 million+ monthly active users, is that the largest social diversion platform, and is that the company’s main revenue supply.

==> The Twitter-like Sina Weibo (literally, “Sina microblog”) with some 400 million users, is essentially a mobile-focused social network and mass communication platform usually leveraged by celebrities, brands and business specialists through a Twitter-esque usage model.

==> Tencent Weibo is extremely almost like Sina Weibo in terms of practicality and demographics, and has concerning 200-250 million users.

==> WeiXin, a voicemail-based social networking service akin to WhatsApp, rumored a hundred million registered users this April.

==> Douban is variety of a Chinese MySpace, fashionable interest teams and communities, and for networking around specific topics and has over a hundred million users.

==> Renren, formerly Xiaonei (literally, “schoolyard”), was born as a network for re-connecting friends from school years, and reported 100 million active users this June. RenRen just about appearance, feels and will specifically what Facebook will. Like Facebook, RenRen is attempting to remain relevant within the fast-growing mobile area.

Since China’s thereforecial network system is so huge, the sheer variety of choices accessible for Western developers to leverage will generally be confounding.

Fortunately, many of China’s leading social networks are becoming more open to integrating with app developers from the West: Mobile game devs interested in expanding to China should consider integrating Sina and Tencent Weibo into their titles, while Web games will do better on QQ/ QZone.

Be warned, however, Qzone social network continues to be a relatively closed platform. By comparison, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo are relatively open, and offer open API integration to mobile developers. That said, most of the API documentation continues to be in Chinese, so either having someone on staff or a Chinese partner who is fluent in Chinese tech lingo is the most effective way to get integrated.

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Before coming back to China, however, you most likely wish to contemplate operating with a local partner who will handle laws, facilitate protect your information processing, and manage promotion of your app, aspects I discuss at larger length on my company’s web log. Leveraging Chinese social networks may be a good way for mobile apps and games developers to succeed in the Chinese customers.

We’re seeing nice startups like Handy Games (Germany), Defiant Development (Australia) and Robot Entertainment (U.S.) join us in this space. To be sure, it’ll take it slow and patience for Western and Chinese corporations to figure well along. But with such a lot of social network users in China, especially on mobile, the chance is just too nice to ignore.

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