What Is TeamViewer | Why Use TeamViewer

What Is TeamViewer | Why Use TeamViewer

What Is TeamViewer ?

The TeamViewer software application allows for remote , desktop sharing and file transfer between computers. T.Viewer is comfortable with multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. TeamViewer allows a user to access another computer remotely using a browser .

TeamViewer was founded in Uhingen, Germany in 2005. It is designed to figure either by installing it on a computer or running a “Quick Support” version that doesn’t require installation. While installation isn’t required, TeamViewer does got to be running on the computers for remote access and control to figure . The software uses RSA key exchange and AES (256-bit) session encoding to supply a secure connection.

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Why use T.Viewer?

  • It’s very fast and secure;
  • We don’t want any extra information (screenshots, videoshots that are hard to take) on your problem for our support team;
  • Allows us to directly log any problem which may be affecting your game from your computer;
  • Also shows us which technical optimizations might be made on your PC for you to experience a far better gaming performance with none drastic changes.

TeamViewer Pricing and Software Plans

TeamViewer offers three different plans for businesses and one free plan for private use. TeamViewer’s paid plans are supported a monthly fee, which is billed annually. Note: If you need mobile capabilities, you want to purchase a separate package that’s charged annually supported the quantity of concurrent sessions your plan has.

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Here’s more about TeamViewer’s subscription plans:

Free plan => Made for private use only, TeamViewer’s free plan comes with minimal remote access options, but provides enough capabilities to attach you to your friends and family. If you would like remote access for work, you want to select one of the paid plans below.

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Only one User plan=> You can purchase This plan, which costs $49 per month (billed annually), allows access between one user and unlimited computers with one concurrent session.

Multi-User plan=> This plan costs $99 per month (billed annually) and allows multiple licensed users access to a vast number of computers with one concurrent session.

Team plan=> like the multi user plan, multiple licensed users have access to a vast number of computers; however, this plan allows for 3 concurrent sessions and extended remote capabilities. This plan costs $199 per month, billed annually.

Add-ons (mobile device access): A feature you can add on to any payable plan is mobile device access, which costs $32.90 per month, billed annually.

T.Viewer QuickSupport provides access to Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 and BlackBerry. The number of mobilephone packages you purchase will be based on the number of concurrent sessions your plan allows for.

TeamViewer offers a 14-day free trial. You can click here to find out more about the remote access features include in each plan.

Free Version vs Paid Version

Free version has all features but this can’t be utilized in commercial works. This is kinda misleading phrase. What happen if you utilize free version for commercial use is you’ll see messages with telling you that commercial use is suspected. If you use the applying more, it’ll close your sessions by some limited time and at last it stop activating connections.

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