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What Is Twitter ?

Twitter could be a ‘microblogging’ system that enables you to send and receive short posts referred to as tweets. Tweets may be up to one hundred forty characters long and might embrace links to relevant websites and resources.
Twitter users follow other users. If you follow somebody you’ll be able to see their tweets in your twitter ‘timeline’. You can like better to follow individuals and organisations with similar tutorial and private interests to you.

You will produce your own tweets otherwise you can retweet data that has been tweeted by others. Retweeting implies that data may be shared quickly and with efficiency with an oversized range of individuals.


Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey WHO wished to make a service that may facilitate individuals remember of what their friends were up to; a kind of user standing service. ‘Twitch’ was the primary name that was thought-about for the service by the Twitter team. It later evolved into ‘twitter’ that really, as per the Oxford dictionary, means ‘to talk rapidly in a nervous or trivial way.


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Why Twitter Is So Popular

In addition to its relative novelty, Twitter’s big appeal is how scan-friendly it is: You can track hundreds of interesting Twitter users and read their content with a glance. This is ideal for our modern attention-deficit world.
Twitter employs a purposeful message size restriction to stay things scan-friendly: each microblog tweet entry is proscribed to 280 characters or less. This size cap promotes the targeted and clever use of language, that makes tweets simple to scan, and difficult to jot down. This size restriction created Twitter a well-liked social tool.

How Twitter Works

Twitter is straightforward to use as either broadcaster or receiver. You be part of with a free account and Twitter name. Then you send broadcasts (tweets) daily, hourly, or as oft as you wish. Go to the what is Happening box, sort 280 or fewer characters, and click on Tweet. People who follow you, and probably others WHO do not, can see your tweet.

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Encourage individuals you recognize to follow you and receive your tweets in their Twitter feeds. Let your friends apprehend you’re on Twitter to slowly build up a following. When individuals follow you, Twitter prescript needs you to follow them back.

To receive Twitter feeds, notice somebody fascinating (celebrities included) and press Follow to buy their tweets. If their tweets are not as fascinating as you thought they’d be, choose Unfollow.
Go to your account at Twitter.com day or night to scan your Twitter feed, that is consistently dynamical as individuals post.

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How to Use Twitter

Before doing something on Twitter, you’ll have to be compelled to register and build a username. This username is what your public name are in addition. For example, once the Twitter user for CNN logs in, they use the username “CNN.” And, their Twitter address is twitter.com/cnn. So, produce one thing that you simply wish to use to log in and wish individuals to recollect in order that they will simply head to your page.

Upon language in, notice that you simply have a news feed. Every person that you simply follow can have their news seem here after they tweet. However, till you begin following individuals, this may be blank. To follow somebody, head to their Twitter page and click on “follow.” this may add them to your feed and you may begin seeing their updates on your news feed. Notice, as well, the big “What’s Happening?” section with the 140 character limit. This is where you type updates.

There are a few important tags — or commands — that you can use on Twitter in addition to the actual text of your tweet, which help you use it more effectively.

What should you tweet about?

The type of data you tweet will rely on whether or not you’re tweeting as a personal or as AN organisation, project or cluster.
If you have got a private Twitter account you will wish to combine tweets regarding your analysis with tweets regarding different things that are of interest to you, for example hobbies, news stories and general observations. Insights into non-academic aspects of your life will facilitate cause you to a remarkable person to follow.
If you are tweeting on behalf of an organisation, project or group then you may choose to only send research-related tweets. Twitter could be a comparatively informal communications tool thus do not be afraid to embrace a private, friendly and funny approach to tweeting. Like ……

  • News items that feature your research
  • Links to any blog posts you’ve written
  • Thoughts on conferences you attend
  • Questions to invite feedback
  • Interesting news items you’ve found
  • Interesting photographs
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Twitter as a Social Messaging Tool

Yes, Twitter is social media, however it’s over instant electronic communication. Twitter is regarding discovering attention-grabbing folks round the world. It also can be regarding building a following of individuals WHO have an interest in you and your work or hobbies so providing those followers with some information worth every day.

Whether square measure|you’re} a hardcore underwater diver WHO desires to share your Caribbean adventures with alternative diverse otherwise you are Ashton Kutcher diverting your fans, Twitter is a way to maintain a low-maintenance social reference to others and perhaps influence people in an exceedingly tiny or massive means.

@name Tag

The first is the @name tag. If you would like to deal with a tweet to somebody specific on Twitter, you type @ and then their username. When you hit enter, it will pop up in their feed regardless if they follow you or not.
When you’ve just joined Twitter you’re likely to have no followers, and the @name tag can be useful for letting acquaintances know that they can now follow you on Twitter. Tell them WHO you’re which you’re wanting to feature them to Twitter. Once they understand you’re a follower, there’s a decent chance they’ll add you. Such AN @ message would possibly look one thing like this:
“@username Hey, it’s Muhammad Rizwan…Just joined Twitter!”

Retweet Tag

The next one that’s vital to understand is that the RT tag. This is a retweet. If you see one thing that you just love, you’ll hit the retweet button, which would insert the “RT” tag and the name of the Twitter user you are retweeting. You can conjointly enter this info manually additionally, even though using the retweet button is easier and quicker. You would sort “RT @name: regardless of the message was.”

When your followers retweet you they will tweet what you tweeted along with an @yourusername tag. This gets your name out and permits additional folks to doubtless follow you. As additional of your stories ar retweeted, additional folks can begin following you and your presence on the microblogging platform can grow.

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Hash Tags

Twitter also supports the use of #hash tags to specify the subject of a tweet. For example, if your tweet relates to an iphone you could use the #iphone hash tag. This aids Twitter’s search service in finding tweets about a specific subject, and also allows users to track all new tweets on a given subject in real time.

It is important to note that every part of a Tweet is counted in this including the @user, the text, and the #hash tag. Because of this, it is very important to be brief with your comments. The longer you are attempting to create it, the less likely you will be able to include other parts. To ensure that links match additionally, it helps to use an URL shortener, although Twitter already has one built in and automatically shortening links. This will build it so the Tweet doesn’t surpass a hundred and forty characters. Once the Tweet is finished, hit enter and it will be sent to all your followers.

Twitter also allows limiting the visibility of your tweets only to your followers or the groups you specify, in which case they would not show to non-followers who visit your profile.

It’s conjointly value noting that Twitter conjointly supports causation and receiving Tweets through SMS (Short Message Service), if you offer and connect your portable variety with it.

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