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 what is vimeo

vimeo => Video is the Marcia Brady of content. It’s really hard to compete with, leaving the Jans (photos, text, hashtags) of the world out in the cold.

While it’s not the easiest medium to consume anywhere you are, it’s certainly the most engaging, which is why it’s becoming increasingly more and more popular. Whether you have a full-on studio or just your own camera (or even a smartphone) to record your videos,

you’re going to need to upload them somewhere. Of course, your first thought will most likely be YouTube, and rightfully so, as it’s the world’s most popular video platform. But it’s certainly not the only one.

Vimeo is another popular video platform that shares similarities and differences to Google’s video giant, though it primarily caters to a different audience. YouTube has over 1 billion users meaning that quantity does not always mean quality.

Whereas Vimeo could be a smaller community of creators that permits it to carry itself to higher production values. So, if you’re a content creator, it’s definitely a platform you should know how to use. We’re going to cover what Vimeo is

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What is Vimeo?

Vimeo is a way that peoples are able to share their videos online still as view those of others. The platform is freed from off-putting advertisements permitting viewers to focus instead on their chosen video. It’s a great solution for artists and film makers looking to make it big. The majority of the 14 million members use it to promote their skills as an artist or filmmaker.

How does Vimeo work?

Once you have finished editing your video project, log in to your Vimeo account and upload the video.

You’ll have the option to indicate whether your film is public or private and enter metadata. Public videos are searchable on the site, while private links are only available to people you share the link with. Unlike YouTube, which allows verified users to upload files up to 12 hours long for free,

Vimeo has set time limits based on your membership level. Vimeo uses a “freemium” model, which means free users are restricted once it involves how much they’ll transfer and what options they’ll access.
With a basic free membership, you can upload 500MB per week with up to 5GB of total storage.

However, after you account for the dimensions of HD files, you’re going to quickly eat up that space. Vimeo supports video up to 8K resolution, but you won’t have enough space for that footage on a free plan.

Basic members also get the ability to password protect their videos, something that YouTube doesn’t allow. The basic membership is free forever but is only open to individuals. If you’ve got a small business or studio, you’ll need to pony up and pay to use Vimeo. Of course, once you begin paying, Vimeo really shines.

=> Creator Tools

If you click the Manage Videos menu choice, Vimeo takes you to your dashboard. You can upload videos or sort any of your previous uploads by title, privacy status (more on that later), or date added. The left rail is divided into separate sections for All Videos, Workspace (project folders), and Showcase (albums). The bottom shows your weekly and total storage limits.

Vimeo’s Albums are a new feature. Albums are embeddable collections of your videos that you simply will share with others. You can use Albums as some way to gift a bunch of connected videos to fans or shoppers, for example.

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To get started, just hit the plus button next to the Albums menu item. For each Album, you can add a name, description, and pick a privacy level (public or password-protected).

The Customization tab permits you to change the layout of the Album. Free users are limited to the default design, but paid members have additional visual frameworks, a dark mode option, and can add a custom logo. All users can change the accent color.

After completing the basic setup, you need to add your video content. The easiest way to add videos is to drag them into an Album from the Dashboard. To reorder items (for example, if showing the progression of a project over time), just drag videos into the desired order.

Vimeo makes it straightforward to share and plant your albums across the online with dedicated buttons for every. These Album pages look really elegant and are a much more visually pleasing take on playlists than YouTube’s equivalent feature.

Vimeo makes it easy to upload videos. You can select a file from your desktop or connect it to a cloud service, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

Vimeo makes it clear that you simply ought to solely transfer videos that you simply own which are allowed per Vimeo’s pointers. For the highest-quality uploads, it’s wise to make sure video plays nicely with all of Vimeo’s upload standards and guidelines. Notably, Vimeo supports video resolutions up to 8K (with HDR) still as 360-degree content.

Once Vimeo processes your file, you can add a title, description, and tags, as well as specify the language and the content rating (All Audiences or Mature). You can also create your video personal, only let certain people access it, or make it available to the public. The options to a hide a video from Vimeo and permit solely people with a personal link to access it each need a premium account.

The next screen expands on these basic settings. The Privacy section here, as an example, lets you restrict who will discuss your video and wherever it is embedded. Additional choices include a Video file section wherever you’ll transfer new versions of a video, and an advanced pane, that allows you to set a custom URL or add a Creative Commons license.

Vimeo even shows tips and suggestions in some sections. For instance, it generated a message to let me know that horizontally filmed videos look nicer on Vimeo (I filmed a quick scene vertically; don’t kill me) and that my recording used mono audio (it recommends recording and exporting videos with stereo audio).

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After you set everything to your personal preference (you can change these settings at any time), your video is ready for the wider world, or just the people with whom you share it.

=> Type of Vimeo Account

During the sign up process you may be prompted to upgrade to a paid account. As there are a handful of options to choose from, you’ll want to make sure you’re choosing an option that fits your needs. Let’s take a closer look at what’s available:

Vimeo Plus=> Perfect for the beginner wanting to test the Vimeo waters. This option provides 5GB per week storage and up to 250GB a year. It includes advanced privacy features, stats for videos as well as priority support.

Vimeo Pro=> Made with businesses and professionals in mind who are looking to get serious about selling their work on Vimeo. Here, you have 20GB a week of storage. Plus, up to 1TB a year! Pro includes all the features mentioned in Plus, as well as the ability to sell your videos and have access to video review tools.

Vimeo Business=> If your business lives and breaths video content (and needs the features to back it up), then this one is for you.The main advantage here is that it’s able to accomodate teams and multiple collaborations through one account. Considering it’s main function there’s also no weekly storage limit. Another perk is VIP support which promises responses within one hour.

Vimeo Premium=> Tailor made for the “I want it all” crowd that wants to upload a ton, sell a bunch, and produce videos like a rockstar. This comes with unlimited live streaming and a total of 7TB of storage. Premium features include all those listed in the business option except an added bonus of live support.

Making Videos on Vimeo

There are a lot of excellent features that Vimeo users are able to access including the following:
1=> Enhancer
If you want to add a music track to your video then you can do so using its very own catalogue. The majority of the videos are free to add.
2=> Video School
If you are just starting out with Vimeo or want to know more about how to make the best videos then the handy video school has lots of tutorials to show you the ropes.
3=> Music Store
The enhancer tool allows you to look through every music track they have available on Vimeo and makes it simple to add them to your films.


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