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WhatsApp Status Saver

Ever since WhatsApp introduced Snapchat-like status updates back in February, people try to search out ways on how to save WhatsApp status video and pictures. The Status-update feature was greeted with mixed feelings initially needless to mention but plenty of individuals seem to have embraced the event WhatsApp Status Saver

Every day, many of us update WhatsApp status with pictures and interesting video contents; one can’t help but tease variety of those hilarious updates. Ever since, the thirst for knowledge many |to avoid wasting”> to save lots of lots of WhatsApp status videos and pictures have increased, few have found how around this but most of the people still got to ask their contacts who uploaded these Statuses to send to them. What if you’ll actually save these videos and pictures yourself?

Top WhatsApp Status Saver Apps

#1=> Status Saver – Whats Status Video Downloader App

Status Saver for What’s. Love a friend’s WhatsApp Status and wish to download it? you’re at the right App Page.

It’s easy to use. All you’ve to try to to is Install watsappmessenger Status Saver and do the following:-

1. Check the desired Status from WhatsApp
2. Open this Status Saver App, Click on any video or image to seem at
3. Select one or multiple & click the Save Button

Now enables user’s to upload / download content from the app network.

The multiple selection are getting to be enabled once you long press any content. you’ll save, delete or cancel selection.

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When your contacts in WhatsApp upload their status, it’ll be easily visible through this app. For people who finds that WhatsApp Messenger doesn’t allow you to directly download the status, our app are getting to be very useful to you.

Best Features :
* Multi Save, Delete & Reshare to external apps
* Easy Setting as your WhatsApp Status directly from the App
* Easy downloading & fastsave
* In Built Image Viewer and Video Player
* Whats Direct Chat
* Quickest WhatsApp Status Video Download App
* Gallery View for Quick Access to media files

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#2=> Status Saver

Loved a Friend’s Status?

Well, you’re at the right App page 😉

How to Use?

1 – Check the specified Status/Story…
2 – Open Status Saver, Click on any Image or Video to appear at …
3 – Click the Save Button…


1 – Check the specified Status/Story…
2 – Hold on a standing to Enable Multi Selection,
3 – Select “Save” from the Toolbar Menu!

The Status Image/Video is Instantly saved to your Gallery!

  • The Only App within the shop which shows you Statuses from 4 Different Apps/Environments!They include –
  • Normal Statuses,
  • G.B Statuses,
  • Business Statuses,
  • Normal Statuses from Parallel Space Pro!

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#3=> Status Saver – Download & Save Status for WhatsApp

Want to download & save videos and pictures from WhatsApp status? trying to search out an app that easily save video status and photo status fast and free? This Status Saver & Status Downloader is just for you!

Status Saver – Download & Save Status for WhatsAppcan allow you to save lots of images and videos from WhatsApp Status easily. you’ll save videos and pictures into your album then browse and repost them easily. Simple to use and super fast save.

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With Status Saver – Download & Save Status for WhatsApp, you’ll save videos and pictures from WhatsApp Status all on to your local storage. It can also support download status for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business automatically.

With this Status Saver, you’ll enjoy and manage the video status and pictures anytime, also you’ll easily share them with friends or repost downloaded status to other social media.

Install this Status Saver – Download & Save Status for WhatsApp and have a try now!

How to use? 3 simple steps:
=> Open WhatsApp and appearance at your friend’s status
=> Switch to Status Saver and choose those you’d wish to save many
=> Click download button many |to avoid wasting”> to save lots of lots of them
Done! The video and image are saved to your album automatically.

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– Fast & free Status downloader and free Status saver for WhatsApp
– Save Status videos and download Status images easily
– One tap to download. Quick save.
– Multiple Save videos and pictures .
– option to save status automatically
– Support to download all HD video and photo, and play with built-in player
– Browse photo and videos offline within the album
– Small size and lightweight
– Easy to share and repost video and image of WhatsApp Status
– No privacy issue. Brilliant Status Saver & Status Downloader for WhatsApp

All status including WhatsApp Status and WhatsApp Business Status are supported. with care easy, download it now !

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#4=> Status Saver for Whatsapp Video, Status Downloader

Status Saver for whatsapp helps you to download & share your friends status from whatsapp. This status video for whatsapp downloader from wa app allows you to download whatsapp status. you’ll share and download their statuses from status video for whatsapp downloader from wa app. status video for whatsapp downloader from wa app is completely Ad – free.

Status Saver Downloader puts zero advertisements. status video for whatsapp downloader from wa app doesn’t need any internet connection. So you’ll pretty confident about using Status Saver Downloader. status video for whatsapp downloader from wa app comes with a very clean and minimal interface .

Status Saver Downloader has swipe right right down to refresh feature so you update your statuses easily.

How to use ?
1=> First watch Desired Status/Story from whatsapp.
2=> come to Status Saver Downloader click on any image or video to appear at then click the Download Button.
3=> The Image Or Video is Instantly saved to your gallery.

Get This App Here

#5=> StatusPro – Status Saver for WhatsApp

Did you see a motivating status video or photo posted by a lover on WhatsApp that you simply wanted to share? Download WhatsApp status videos using this status saver and share it as your own status.

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With this status downloader for WhatsApp status, you’ll now browse, download and save statuses forever. Once saved, these statuses are not lost after 24 hours and you can view these WhatsApp statuses anytime you like.

Sharing WhatsApp statuses that your friends post is now easier. Open Status Pro, click download on any status, and reserve it . You you’ll share it with friends by simply pressing the Share WhatsApp status button.

How to use StatusPro WhatsApp Status Downloader

1=> Open WhatsApp, attend Status and consider as many of them as you wish
2=> Now open StatusPro which can show you all the statuses that you simply viewed
3=> Click the Download button on the items that you wish to save. This will add it to the status saver app for WhatsApp for free of charge .
4=> To repost or share a standing , click on the status image and click on Repost 🔁 or Share icon
5=>  to look at saved status videos and photos, open the Saved page in Whats Status Downloader.
6=> The saved photos and videos are available in your Photos/Gallery app in StatusProSaved folder

Download WhatsApp Status Saver for free!

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