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Media.net could be a leading ad school company comprising of 800+ workers exclusively focused on developing innovative monetization merchandise for digital publishers. By revenue, Media.net runs the #2 massivest contextual ads program globally and work because the trusted authority to high management across various large publishers.

They have a world footprint of offices unfold across new york, Los Angeles, Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Zurich. Some of their publisher purchasers include Forbes, Hearst, Meredith, Yahoo, MSN, Reuters, Kiplinger, The Street, Ziff Davis, NY Daily News and many more.

Who is Media.net

Like most Ad Networks, Media.net is a contextual ad program which has a pretty comprehensive portfolio of advertising brands from all over the world. Impressively, by revenue, it is the #2 largest contextual advertising business worldwide. Some of their larger clients embody Forbes, Elle, Reuters, and Cosmopolitan Magazine.
Originally based underneath the parent company of Yahoo and Bing, this Media.net is now owned by a large Chinese tech company.

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How to Earn From It?

For those that are new to the concept of Ads, this is where companies pay a certain amount of money in order to advertise their service or product on your website. Instead of singly contacting content creators and web site owners, large brands join advertising networks (like Media.net) who then acts as a middleman, filling in your ad space.
Media.net developed one thing that they check with as DSP (display-to-search) that uses machine learning to serve users relevant ads.

Has it ever happened to you wherever you’re checking out a selected product on Google and next issue you know, as shortly as you land on any of your favorite websites, you start seeing ads for that product? This is machine learning at its best and though it’s freaky typically, the fact that it delivers you extremely relevant ads can save shoppers time within the long run!

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So, how do people make money from Ads? If you have got an internet site or a journal that is consistently receiving traffic, you’ll register for these ad networks that then severally fills in your ad slots and pays you whenever somebody clicks one thing on your web site.
You have to recollect that clicking on a keyword doesn’t generate revenue for the publisher. When you do thus, it brings up a second screen displaying relevant ads. Revenue is then generated when visitors click on one of these ads which are very similar to how Ad Sense works.

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Media.net Benefits

=> Dedicated customer service representative

With your account you get a client service rep with whom you’ll email. They respond within 24 hours (often much faster). They will also make suggestions to improve performance.

=> Ads comply with SSL certificate

In August 2014 I put in an SSL certificate on one in all my niche blogs (to see if i’d get additional organic search traffic from Google who declared SSL certificates are now a positive ranking factor). The biggest problem with SSL certificates is that several advertising networks’ ads aren’t SSL compliant. I had to drop 3 advertisers. Fortunately, Media.net ads are SSL compliant. However, you are doing have to be compelled to get your rep to produce you the ad code.

=> High converting ad design options

The ad units look like navigation menus. This is good as a result of it ends up in a really high CTR. That said, it’s a 2-click revenue system, which suggests you simply earn revenue on the landing page to that the ad sends guests once the second link is clicked.
Nevertheless, once it’s geared up up right and properly optimized, you’ll still earn nice revenue despite the 2-click method.

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=> Large ad options

I love the 600×250 and 300×600 ad units. They perform well.

=> You’re permitted to place Media.net ads in sticky or fixed sidebar zones

This is a HUGE benefit. You cannot place Adsense ads in a very floating/fixed/sticky sidebar zone, however you’ll place Media.net ads in these zones. One of my niche sites generates quite $4,000 per month with one Media.net ad units within the sticky zone – browse additional here.

=> View live ad impression count

This feature doesn’t help you earn, but it’s kind of cool. When you log into your Media.net dashboard, there’s a live impressions real-time counter. You can really see the amount of impressions increase whereas within the dashboard.

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