WordPress Blog | What Is WordPress | All About WP Blog

WordPress Blog | What Is WordPress | All About WP Blog

What is WordPress?

WordPress was initially a simple blog platform, however it soon developed into a more feature-rich Content Management System (CMS).

The software is written in the PHP scripting language. All website content, including settings, blog posts and pages, are stored during a database. MySQL is that the most well liked choice of database, but some website owners prefer to use another solution like MariaDB or SQLite.
Don’t worry if this all seems technical. Your hosting company handles the technical side of running WordPress so you’ll specialise in creating content and marketing your website.

The software allows anyone, no matter their technical experience, to quickly create professional looking websites using a user-friendly administration area.

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Why WordPress For Blog Only

A professional and good way to start out a blog is to use WordPress as the blogging platform, self-host the blog by paying for a hosting plan at an online hosting service, and register your own domain name to use with the blog.

Although a blog is a Web site, a blog is not exactly the same as your common garden-variety Web site. A blog is powerful and flexible way to publish information on the web . It can be used for just about any site purpose you can imagine. You can use a WordPress blog to talk about your dog, or you could use a WordPress blog to run an online business that sells dog food and dog-related merchandise.

The word “blog” is made from “web log.” Technically speaking, a blog is a web chronicle, account, journal, or diary. It is made up of content that is published chronologically with the most recent information appearing at the top of the blog, in the form of entries which are called “posts.” Posts are saved in the blog, you can page backwards (travel backward in post time) through a blog and view all of the posts previously published. Blog “archives” are a special way to view older posts and “categories” can be used to view all posts of a similar topic. Blogs are like libraries of useful content and information.

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A blog is a dynamic quite an online site. This means that a blog’s content is easily, and usually often, updated by adding new posts to the database that powers the blog behind the scenes. The content or information shown by the blog changes as new content is added to the database.

In contrast to a dynamic blog, with a static site it’s not as easy to vary the content. To show different information on the online pages of a static website, each page that has new content must be individually changed by someone capable with XHTML or HTML (the code that makes web pages work). Hand coding web pages is harder, more time-consuming, and cumbersome than simply making posts to a dynamically powered Web site like a WordPress blog.

Posting new content to a blog is a lot like using a word processing system . You type in your new content, format it as you desire, but then instead of saving or printing a document as you would with a word processor, with a blog you click a button to post the new content. The new content will then automatically appear at the top of the blog’s posts. A blog allows you to easily edit anything you want to change in any of your older posts. Making new posts to a blog, or editing old posts requires no special knowledge of web page coding or programming. A blog has an administrative interface that makes all the chores and work of blogging user friendly. I’ll let you in on a secret… blogging is fun!

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WordPress is a very powerful and popular blogging platform. WordPress uses programming code called PHP and MySQL, and a database to display content.

A very nice thing about WordPress is that it is free, using WordPress to power your blog won’t cost you a single cent. Plus, support and information about WordPress is readily available. A professional way to have a blog is to use WordPress, self-host by paying for a hosting plan at a web host service, and register your own domain name to use with the blog.

A WordPress blog can also be customized and configured so that it appears and behaves just like a regular Web site made up of individual pages linked to one another in various relationships. The WordPress blogging platform (or engine), that powers the blog can add this Web site-like functionality. The WordPress blog engine is very good for configuring a blog to act like a common Web site… only with lots more flexibility, options, features, and power!

A blog can be published by just one person, which is probably the way most blogs make their way to the Internet, or by a team of people who create the content and information appearing on the blog. A business might find the team-style approach to blogging useful.

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