WordPress vs Blogger => Which Is Best For You & Why

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Are you new and ready to make your blog or website. But your confused what platform is ( WordPress vs Blogger ) best for you. On internet there are many sites are avail which give you opportunity to make your on website or blog. Like wordpress , wix , joomla or blogger etc.

But here in this post we only learn about wordpress or blogger , means what is best for you , also I mention pros & cons of both platforms.

WordPress vs Blogger What`s best for you

Before we going to our topic first we understand about wordpress or blogger who`s best for you. According to me if you are new and first time you want to create your website or blog and want to share your information or ideas with peoples then ” blogger ” is best for you. Because blogger is totally free for everyone by google. You can use blogger easily and can understand about creating professional website creating or blog. Means every thing which you understand or do all free. So first time free is best for newbies.

On wordpress ” you can also create your free website or blog , but every thing which you done is limited. In free plan you can not create custom domain or not can use more plugins.


If you are professional marketer , designer or skilled person and you want to create your blog or website. Then according to me you must use wordpress paid plan ( self hosting account ). Because this way give you every thing which is helpful or best for your blog or website. Means you can get unlimited every thing like plugins , space , bandwidth , email accounts or templates etc.

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            WordPress vs Blogger
Pros & cons

=> Pros of wordpress and blogger


=> Blogger is total free place for blogging. You not pay any thing.
=> Blogger is provided by google , so google manage it.
=> Easy to use , you can use it easily.
=> This is secure , because this is provided by google so google make it secure.
=> Helpful and easy writing tools , means you can write your post perfectly in blogger.
=> Thousands of themes / templates for your blog
=> Easy to add your third party domain to blog.
=> You can get access to adsense easily.
=> Easy to add social media , contact or any html / java script.
Here you can get every thing which you want for best blogging.

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=> Easy to use
=> Get every thing on one place which you want for professional blogging or creating website.
=> Unlimited plugins for your site
=> In wordpress you can get professional post writing tools by just installing plugin.
=> Here you can create any type of website like blog , big store , marketing or finance easily.
=> Unlimited free and premium theme / templates
=> Search engine loves wordpress site
=> In wordpress all your seo work will do by plugins
=> Easy to adding social media , contact , subscriptions or any other media.
=> WordPress is best for you if you are professional guy.
=> Creating or publishing post to other site very easy.

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=> Cons of wordpress and blogger


=> Every thing of blogger are manage by google so you can not do any work extra.
=> Google have total right to band your website or blog any time.
=> Google can shutdown whole blogger website or blogs any time without any notification
=> Limited post writing tools
=> Limited theme / template ( not fully customization )
=> Every thing depend on html / java script coding.
=> Not custom domain url. You domain like  “Mysite.Blogspot.Com”
=> Not any thing to manage your blog seo own.


=> In wordpress many professional theme are premium
=> WordPress themes have many  unnecessary coding of html , which make your site slow
=> If you want to make your site secure you must paid

=> If your are using free wordpress plan then you can get every thing limited. You can not get every thing which you want for professional blogging or making any other site. So for all above pros you must get self hosted account.

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wordpress vs blogger pros and cons
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